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This policy on the treating of personal data information ( hereafter “ Personal data policy) describes how MOJJOM collects and treats personal information on you.

The personal data policy applies on all the personal data that you give us, including when contacting customer services via our website, MOJJOM.COM

The personal data policy contains information on, what personal information is collected and what your legal rights are.

MOJJOM is responsible for the personal data collected and the treatment hereof that we have received on you. Our contact information is:


Address: iTrusti B.V. Parijsboulevard 209, 3541CS Utrecht

Tlf: :


What Personal Information Do We Do...?

At MOJJOM we collect and treat the following information, when you visit our website

  • Your IP address
  • Which browser do you use
  • Your behavior on the website, what search terms you use, and what products you place in your basket.

At MOJJOM we collect and treat the following information, when you purchase a product from our website:

  • Name
  • Address (both payment address and delivery address)
  • Telephone number and e-mail address
  • Customer ID
  • Information about what product you have purchased

You have also the possibility of giving acceptance to receive marketing material via e-mail, also in the form of newsletters and special offers. We will in this instance collect and treat your e-mail address.

The Purpose of and Legal Basis For the Treating of Your Personal Information:

The purpose of collecting and treating information in connection with visits on our website is: To optimize your experience as a customer on our website, to ensure the correct layout of our website, and to make targeted and relevant marketing. The collecting and treatment are done therefore so that we can take care of our legitimate interests with regard to the data protection scheme according to Article 6 paragraph f.

The purpose of collecting and the treatment of information in connection with purchasing from our website is: that we can thereby fulfill the agreement that we have accepted when purchasing a product, i forhold to the data protection regulation article 6 paragraph b. Also, we are in regard to accounting laws subject to an obligation to preserve your personal data.

If you have agreed to receive marketing material via e-mail, treatment basis data protection regulation article 6 paragraph a. You accept to receive marketing material via e-mail can be always withdrawn by using the link at the bottom of the newsletter.

The Recipient of Your Personal Information:

In some cases, your information is passed on to a 3rd party. This can overall be split into:

  • Affiliated companies.
  • Cooperating partners such as data processors, that treat data for us.
  • External suppliers- Such as: delivery companies when a product is delivered to you.
  • Public authorities. Public authorities such as Inland Revenue, who has according to current laws right to receive certain information.

Your information is not passed on to cooperating companies or external suppliers from outside the EU/EEA. If a cooperating company or external supplier is placed outside the EU/EEA we ensure that the treatment of your information is under the same protection that is required within the EU/EEA.

Storage of Your Personal Information:

MOJJOM has a very high principle in the protection of your personal information, so we have taken a series of technical and organizational actions to ensure the protection of your personal information is not misused or lost.

Information that is collected and treated when visiting our website is stored for 30 days

We keep as normal procedure your personal information for a period of 5 years + the current year after purchase because of our liability with regards to the bookkeeping law.

The information can in some cases be kept for a longer period. if it is necessary to observe/establish legal commitments or to enforce our agreements. We will when keeping for a longer period ensure ourselves of the importance of information in relation to the category of information when we determine how long our information will be kept.

Personal information, that is treated based on your acceptance, will as a starting point be deleted when you withdraw your acceptance unless there is a different treatment basis for the treatment of personal information.


Our website uses 'cookies' which is a text file, that is kept on your computer, mobile phone, and suchlike, with the purpose of recognizing it, remembering settings, performing statistics and target advertisements. Cookies cannot contain harmful codes such as a virus.

It is possible to delete or block cookies. See the guide on

If you delete or block cookies, then advertisements will be less relevant for you and appear more often. You can also risk that the website does not work optimally, also that there is content you cannot access.

Your Rights:

You have, due to the data protection scheme, a number of rights with regard to our treatment of information on you. The rights are as follows:

1- Right of access - You have the right of access to the information that we treat in regard to yourself, and an amount of further information
2- Right of correction - You have the right to receive misinformation on your corrected
3- Right of deletion - In certain circumstances you have the right to have information on you deleted, within the time frame for our ordinary general deletion to occur
4- Right to limiting of treatment - You have in certain circumstances the right to have the treatment of your information limited. If you have the right to have the treatment limited, can vi in the future only treat information - except keeping- with your acceptance, or with regards to demand can be determined, claimed or defended, or to protect a person or of important interest to society.
5- Right of protest - You have in certain circumstances the right to protest our legal treatment of your personal information. You can also protest the treatment of your information for direct marketing.
6- Right to transmit information (data portability) - You have in certain circumstances the right to receive your personal information in a structured, ordinarily used, and machine-readable format and to have transferred this personal information from one data responsible to another without obstruction.

You can read more about your rights in The Information Commissioner's Office guidance on the data subjects' rights, which you will find on

To exercise your rights, you can contact our customer services. Every inquiry will be answered soon as possible and as far as possible within 30 days from when we receive the inquiry.

In connection with an inquiry, we would ask you to confirm your identity or give us further information. We must demand this to ensure it is yourself that has access to your personal information and thereby it cannot be given to any other than yourself.


You have the right to complain about our treatment of your information if you are unsatisfied with the treatment. Complaints must be sent to:

The Information Commissioner's Office:

Information Commissioner's Office Wycliffe House

Water Lane




Telephone: 0303 123 1113 'local rate' or 01625 545 745

Changes In The Personal Data Policy:

MOJJOM You have the right to complain about our treatment of your information if you are unsatisfied with the treatment. Complaints must be sent to MOJJOM.