Subscription Terms


is a members club that provides large discounts on well-known perfume and cosmetic brands. Your membership on MOJJOM is a continual subscription and the first MOJJOM days is free. All transactions on 10 are to be made via credit card payments (Visa Debit, Visa Electron, Maestro, Visa, MasterCard). All payment expenses are incurred by shop more and are hereby accounted for in product prices and membership costs displayed on the website. You can look at your previous payments and orders by logging into your account on MOJJOM via the lock symbol located in the top right-hand corner of the homepage.

Only private individuals that are 18 years or older can become members.


By giving your consent to the subscription terms applicable to MOJJOM, you allow MOJJOM to withdraw the stated membership fee periodically until you choose to end your subscription. The first 10 days of membership is free. Thereafter, it costs €39.95 per month.

After you complete an order on MOJJOM, you will receive a receipt via email that contains information regarding the subscription terms. Please note that previous orders, sans the subscription terms, can be found when you are logged onto MOJJOM, under “My Orders” located in the menu tab.


You can terminate your membership at any time by contacting us via email at (we reply within 24 hours on weekdays) or by logging onto MOJJOM and selecting “My Membership.” The only exception is during the first 24 hours of membership, within which your subscription is locked due to technical reasons and you cannot cancel it manually under the “My Membership” tab. After the first 24 hours, you can terminate your subscription however you wish to. This means that you can, in your first trial period, purchase items at shop more prices and terminate your membership the day after. Naturally, we hope that you would like to be a member for longer so that you can save even more.

To terminate your membership, log in and click on “My Membership.” If you terminate your membership, you will still have access to it until it expires. Please note, however, if you terminate your membership during the 14-day trial period, your membership will expire immediately. After your membership has been canceled, money will not be withdrawn from your account unless you choose to reactivate your membership.


Your registration on MOJJOM is legally binding from the moment you make your first order and thereby activate your membership. By selecting Member Price instead of Normal Price, you also accept the creation of membership. As a member of MOJJOM and a cardholder, you are required to pay for your membership period and consequent subscription withdrawals, until you cancel your subscription and or membership.


Your membership on MOJJOM is automatically renewed so that you always have access to it. After the first 10 days of free membership, your subscription fee is €39.95 per month.


Your MOJJOM subscription is tied to a legally endorsed right to cancellation of 10 days. In practice, this means that your cancellation deadline expires 10 days after you have entered into an agreement with us. Your subscription takes effect when you complete an order with Member Price on MOJJOM Your right to cancellation is only active from the day you make a transaction on MOJJOM and not from the commencement of monthly subscription payments.

If you wish to terminate your subscription, you are required to articulate this to us at least 10 days prior to the commencement of your entering into a binding agreement with us. You can give notice of this by contacting us via email at (we reply within 24 hours on weekdays). In your message, clearly and explicitly state that you wish to exercise your right to cancellation.


If you terminate your subscription we will refund your payment without undue delay or at the latest, 10 days from the date on which we received notification of your decision to terminate this agreement. We will return your money in the same format as your original transaction.