Terms & Conditions


Mojjom is a members club that provides large discounts on well-known perfume and cosmetic brands. To become a member, you must be over 18 years of age, which you are required to confirm when you register and make your first purchase. MOJJOM is only for private customers. Membership costs €39.95 per month. Your subscription is deducted every month until you no longer wish to be a member. You can terminate your membership at any time by logging into MOJJOM You may also cancel your membership in writing by sending an email to info@mojjom.com. You can terminate your membership at any time if it does not meet your expectations.


When shopping at MOJJOM you can choose between two purchase methods. If you wish to become a member and gain access to the many discounts and special offers, please choose the Member Price when you add a product to your basket. If you choose to buy at Member Price, you will automatically add a membership to your shopping cart. If you already have a membership, simply log into your account before shopping on MOJJOM If you are a new member, you will be offered a free intro period. If you have previously been a member of MOJJOM, you will be added a monthly membership at the price of €39.95 with your order and reactivate your membership. If you do not want to be a member, you can not shop on MOJJOM.


On MOJJOM, it is only possible to order products via our website. If you have queries relating to products that are not listed on the website, please drop us a line at info@mojjom.com.


If you have made an order and wish to cancel it, log onto MOJJOM with your email and password. Then, click on “My Orders,” in the menu tab located at the top right corner of the page. Click on the info button to the right of the order that you wish to cancel and then on “Cancel Order.” It is only possible to cancel an order if our warehouse has not yet begun processing it.


At MOJJOM you will find two types of prices under each product: Member Price and Normal Price. Member Prices are only available to members. As a member, you can save up to 80% on more than 600 brands. In order to avoid any resale, it is only possible to buy up to 1 piece of the same item at the Member Price in one order. Normal Prices are for those customers who do not want membership. The Normal Price does not provide the same member discount, but will often still be low compared to other stores and webshops.


On MOJJOM, you can pay using VISA, VISA Debit, VISA Electron, MasterCard, or Maestro. All payments and card charges are factored into product pricing and regulated therein by MOJJOM Payment can only be made using a credit card. Payment is deducted from your account upon order dispatch from MOJJOM or upon commencement of your membership. You will not be deducted for an amount in excess of that is approved upon completion of your purchase.

All prices are shown inclusive of VAT and are current market prices. When you shop on MOJJOM, all agreements are made in English.


MOJJOM offers a cancellation policy of 90 days (the standard, legally endorsed policy is 14 days). This period is valid from the day you receive delivery of your purchased goods.

If you wish to return one or more purchased products let us know via email at info@mojjom.com (we reply within 24 hours on weekdays.)

It is not possible for you to cancel your order by refusing to accept delivery unless you have given a clear articulation of your decision to cancel by email, info@mojjom.com.

In the case of contracts for the supply of sealed goods which are not suitable for returns due to health protection or hygiene reasons, the right to cancel ceases if the goods become unsealed after delivery.


If you wish to return your order, please do so without undue delay (14 days at the latest after notifying us of your decision to return your purchase). You are required to cover any expenses related to returned products. It is your responsibility to make sure that any products that are to be returned are securely packed.


Any depreciation in value related to product use that is improper or different from its intended use and function is paid for by the customer. In other words – you can try the product in the same way you would try it in a physical outlet. However, if you damage the product through misuse or carelessness and seek reimbursement, you may end up receiving only a small part or none of the purchase price back if you return it, depending on the commercial value of the product(s) in question and the nature of the given incident.

In the case of beauty products, fragrances, and cosmetics, the original packaging can play a significant part in determining the value of the product(s) in question. We, therefore, encourage you to send items in an undamaged condition.


If you cancel your purchase, you are entitled to a full refund of the money you paid us. In case of depreciation related to improper product use or carelessness, the purchase price is subtracted.

If you exercise your cancellation right, we refund all payments received, including any prepaid delivery expenses. However, additional expenses resulting from your own choice of delivery methods that differ from the cheapest standard delivery option that we offer, are not refunded. Payment is made without undue delay and under all circumstances, 14 days at the latest from the date on which we receive notice of your decision to cancel your purchase. Refunds are issued in the same format as the original payment method.

We reserve the right to withhold your refund until we have received the products that are to be returned unless you can provide proper documentation to this effect. We reserve the right to make typing errors and omissions and may cancel an order in the event of an error.


In order to expedite the return process, please include a copy of your order confirmation in addition to the product(s) that you are returning. If you no longer have your order confirmation, you may also include the email address used when placing the order or the order number itself.


MOJJOM offers the standard legal complaints procedure, applicable for 24 months after delivery. This means that you can get your product repaired, exchanged, get your money back or receive a price reduction, depending on the situation in question. Your complaint must be valid, meaning that any faults cannot be the result of incorrect use of the product or destructive behavior. Note that for products with a limited lifespan, your right to complain is limited accordingly.


Contact us as soon as you notice a mistake or missing parts on and for a product that has been purchased on MOJJOM This should happen as soon as possible or within a reasonable time period from the moment you notice that there is something wrong with your product. File your complaint via info@mojjom.com, after which we will address the issue in question. Complaints are considered timely if they are filed within two months after product faults have been detected.


When you return a defective product, you are required to disclose the problem in as detailed a manner as possible. In order to expedite the process, we also advise you to include additional identifying information such as an order number or an email address. If your complaint is valid, we will refund your delivery expenses, so please remember to obtain a receipt.

Note: We don’t accept packages sent by Cash on Delivery (COD).


When you register on MOJJOM, you are required to confirm that you are over 18 years of age. If you are under 18, registration and subscription need to be completed by a parent or a legal guardian. An agreement can be easily revoked by a parent or a legal guardian if it has been made by a minor.


When you register on MOJJOM, your name, address, telephone number and email are stored in an electronic customer database that is only accessible to MOJJOM employees. These personal details are saved so that we can deliver your orders and in accordance with accounting legislation, which dictates that material used in relation to transactions is to be stored for 5 years after the accounting year which it is valid for. Before your personal information is saved on, we make sure that your consent is given and that you know exactly which information is saved. Customer information is always encrypted.

As an existing customer on MOJJOM, you always have the right to revoke your registration. You also have the right to know which of your personal details we have registered. These rights are part of the data protection act. For more information, contact us at info@mojjom.com. MOJJOM is responsible for the data stored on MOJJOM Information given to MOJJOM is not forwarded or sold to third parties. Moreover, we do not register any sensitive information. When you sign up for our newsletter, we register your email address. Your email is treated as confidential; we do not give it to anyone else. You can unsubscribe at any time via the link in the footer of the newsletter.


MOJJOM uses cookies. We do so with the sole motive of making it easier for you to log in and see relevant products and new offers when you visit MOJJOM A cookie is a file that contains data about whether you are a new or returning customer, which products you click on and other information about your behavior on the website. A cookie is stored on your PC, tablet or mobile phone. A cookie cannot identify you as a person. It can only recognize your PC, tablet or mobile phone and ensure you view a customized version of MOJJOM A cookie is typically stored for 12 months.

You can set your browser settings so that you get a warning when you receive a cookie. You can also delete cookies altogether from your browser. It is possible to delete your cookies via your browser’s settings, should you wish to do so. If you have questions regarding your cookies, feel free to get in touch with us via email at info@mojjom.com.


The prices on MOJJOM are current prices, based on the market prices at any given time. Therefore, we reserve the right to changes in prices resulting from force majeure, hereunder work conflicts, and missing or delayed delivery from our suppliers.